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How Secure are Bi-fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors, also called folding doors, are fixtures made up of one or more doors that fold up “like a book”, overlapping one another and thus reducing the overall dimensions at home. The opening can be positioned, depending on your needs, either to the right or left or to the inside or outside. Given these characteristics, we often choose to make custom made openings, shaped in relation to the available space.

Interior double folding doors are a type of retractable system but have their own technical features. As part of this engineering solution are:

  • Two wings, each of which includes a pair of segments. At the joints of the panels, as well as in the places of their connection the box hinges are attached. The contours of the brush seal, located along the perimeter of the folding segments, are also responsible for the convenient and silent folding of the sections. They also increase the insulating ability of the structure.
  • Guide profile, fixed at the top of the passage. As a rule, it is cut into the crossbar of the box. Many large firms offer to buy double folding doors with pre-installed rail. The length of this component is equal to the total width of the cloths in the closed position. The connection sections with the guide provide the rollers.
  • The system is equipped with a magnetic lock, as well as an end latch. This element eliminates sagging of the valves, additionally holding them, and also allows for an incomplete opening – for example, in order to reduce the heat loss of the room.

The design of the bi-fold doors does not imply the presence of volumetric protruding parts, as such can interfere with their functioning. Nevertheless, the products are successfully refined using:

– valuable types of wood used in the form of veneer

– enamels, opening a limitless palette of colours

– varnishes with various effects, including glossy shine

– glass inserts, stained glass, mirrors, etc.


Bi-fold Doors Security

The security program designed in bi-fold doors offers cutting-edge solutions, such as a high-sensitivity electronic inversion system with bidirectional activation, in case of impact against an obstacle.

Aluminium profiles are known for their excellent insulating values. Especially with the thermal interruptions that are currently provided on the profiles, a bi-fold door insulates just as well as a sliding window. In addition to the insulating properties of the profiles for a bi-folding door, they are also completely waterproof. Often a threshold is provided for the doors to slide on, but you can also process the bottom profiles completely in the floor. As with ordinary sliding doors, a drain channel is provided to prevent water seepage.

Bi-folding doors can be completely closed thanks to various security functions. Via the handle, you can close the door in the lock in one easy movement. When choosing the glass in the glass wall, you can choose burglar-resistant glass which will increase safety.


Applications of Bi-fold Doors

Folding doors can be used at home, in shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, doctor’s offices, offices, etc. and they are perfect both for the exterior and for the interior. The folding doors are often the only solution where the steps are quite narrow because they allow obtaining the minimum space thanks to the “bellows” system.

If you would like to find out more about our bi-fold doors, please feel free to get in touch.