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Benefits of Modern Conservatory Roof Upgrading

Why Should I Upgrade My Conservatory Roof?

Benefits of upgrading your old conservatory

Like all things in life, your conservatory roof won’t last forever. Over time the windows and roof have to handle with all the harsh weather conditions and not look as nice as you want them too. Upgrading your conservatory roof doesn’t just improve the aesthetic and feel of your home but can also help keep your home warmer, reduce damp and condensation, as well as even reducing your energy bills.

Top signs that it’s time to upgrade your conservatory


If you’re noticing that condensation has started to form between the panes of the glass, it is a major sign that double glazing has failed and it will no longer perform efficiently. Meaning a lot of the home’s heat is going escaping through the window.

Draughts coming in

The conservatory act as a shield to keep cold air out of the house and hold the warmth inside throughout the winter months. If your conservatory is fairly cold and has a breeze, it suggests that the windows and roof might not be working as they should and could be been costing you more in your heating bills.


The roof takes the most beating from the harsh weather conditions we face in the UK. Hefty rain and extreme wind can have major impacts on the roof and its fitting over time. It’s best to check your conservatory roof frequently to make sure it is clear of slush and any build up.

Your conservatory roof is 20+ years old

Conservatory roofs face a lot over their lifetime, bad weather being one of the main cause when it comes to your conservatory roof. This can mean the roof takes a fair bit of battering when it comes down to the weather. We recommend that the roof is changed after 20+ years. This would also give you the opportunity to change the roof to a different style such as glass, tiled or even a hybrid conservatory roof which is part solid and part glass.



Wide angle view of the interior of a modern looking conservatory.

Modernise and update your conservatory


Whilst replacing the windows on your conservatory is a great way to modernise and make your conservatory more efficient, you could be after a little more from your conservatory. Modernising and updating your conservatory is a wonderful way to bring a fresh breathe of air to your home. You can incorporate natural looking stone features that will compliment your conservatory design with Westminster Stone Match the conservatory’s style and design with the rest of your home, updating your conservatory to a more open plan living space, to provide you with that extra space. As well as replacing the windows you could replace the window frames, this will completely change the way your conservatory looks like to both you and your guests.

If you are replacing your conservatory roof and fancy a little bit of a change then you could always opt for a material, the glass conservatory roof has become a very popular option due to the fact that it lets in lots of light.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog and it has been helpful if you have any questions or queries head over to our home page or please feel free to get in touch.