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Is Ultra-Roof 380 The Best Conservatory Roof Option?

Are you planning to expand your living space with a new-build conservatory or simply just wanted to refurbish an old-style conservatory roof? This post aims to help you with deciding why the Ultra-roof 380 conservatory is the best choice for you. 

Just like you extend your house to have more rooms, a conservatory is another option to add more space to your home. This is where you may spend most of your time, either relaxing or working. So, spend some time to look around to see what kind of conservatories are best suited to your needs. But, be sure to keep your budget in mind! 

Let’s have a look at what types of Conservatory and conservatory roofing are available and what will work best for you according to your requirement. Conservatories can range from simple glass rooms to spectacular glazed extensions, brick-walled conservatory, and a solid tiled conservatory. 

All these conservatory roof styles have pros and cons and you need to carefully weigh the objectives according to your needs. Key requirements to consider are your need to use the space and for what purpose, the amount of lighting required, the temperature preferable, its maintenance and most importantly, lifespan to bear the weather conditions. 


Why Ultra-Roof 380?

Based on research, we find that Ultra-roof 380 conservatory roof or simply Ultra-roof, serves the best purpose for most peoples needs and standards. This modern conservatory roof system is fast to build as well as versatile and sturdy, it’s a great option for replacing your old and tired conservatory roof.

But, what is Ultra-roof 380? The Ultra-roof 380 is an advanced modern conservatory roof system that is perfect for people who want a lightweight, tiled and glass combination product as well as a thermally insulated roof that is perfect for conservatories, orangeries and many other types of home extensions.

Ultra-roof conservatory lets you enjoy the benefits of both solid and glass roof all at once as it is a combo of tiled and glass conservatory. Those who were stuck between a solid or glass conservatory can now enjoy the benefits of both and make your conservatory space light, airy and welcoming.


lovely Conservatory Extention

Benefits of Ultra-Roof 380

Below are some of the key features of an Ultra-roof 380 conservatory:   

 1. Thermally efficient design – Ultra-roof adds a lovely insulated extension to your home, so, it’s neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer just like tiled conservatories.

 2. Cost-effectiveness – Ultra-roof 380 conservatory roof provides good value to its lifetime.  It is cost-effective and beats its rivals in its longevity, with a 50 plus year lifespan in comparison to other types that have only 20 years or so.

 3. Light yet strong – Ultra-roof serves a practical yet quality purpose, it is manufactured off-site and its lightweight makes installation easier and quicker than the traditional conservatory. Also, its incredibly strong, durable structure makes it weather resistance in extreme conditions.

 4. Fire tested – This additional feature makes ultra-roof more trustworthy than other conservatory types which are not fire tested. 

 5. Brightest environment – Its full-length glazing system brings natural light in to make space feel open and bright. 

Along with that, Ultra-roof 380 conservatory roof provides quick installation. No on-site cutting is required and fitting is done without any damage to your existing space. The smart option here is to choose an Ultra-roof conservatory as this will not only save time and money (quick installation reduce times on labors and help to bring the costs down) but also adds a wow factor to your home and extra space to enjoy for many years.


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Here at Trade Window Direct, we supply a range of conservatory roofs to trade people, this includes Ultraroof380 conservatory roofs, Tiled Conservatory Roofs as well as uPVC glass panel conservatory roof options. To enquire, please get in touch on 01604 945540, our friendly and professional team are always happy to help.