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Christmas Light Tips

Christmas is just around the corner… the countdown has officially begun. Your should be making your festive plans as you read this, if you are looking for creative ways to decorate your home or conservatory, Christmas lights are a great option! We have some real show-stopping ideas. We hope that you are going to be enthused by our simple but efficient decorative ideas for festive lights and look forward to the festive season with your home all lit up! The variety of Christmas lights you can choose from is endless, carry on reading to see all of our lighting ideas. 

Make Your Conservatory Shine This Christmas

It’s typical that we forget about making the inside of our homes look magical with extra lighting and just add lights to the outside of the home. But, we are on hand to make sure that your home is magical this Christmas.

Simple But Effective

Get a few Christmasy ornaments and place them on a side or cabinet, then we create the magic… get a clear glass vase and bunch a set of fairy lights together. Place them into the vase, this looks gorgeous, the vase can look great if you add a few white feathers or sparkly baubles, it really finishes it off. Simple but very effective.

Brighten Up A Corner

Is there a darker corner to your conservatory? Lights can be added to any room to bring some festive cheer. Throw the light into the darker corners of the room by adding some warm tone fairy lights with some sparkly accessories, it can really brighten the room and maybe this will be the “magical” corner if you have younger children.


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Make Your Own Fairy Light Covers

This is a really great and fun job if you have children… or even if you don’t this can look really effective. Give your fairy lights a makeover by adding some simple DIY covers, made from basic paper cups of any colour of your choice. These can be draped over the mantlepiece, window seal or even the door leading to the garden. Will you be adding this festive lighting trick to your home this Christmas?

Light Up The Window Seal

Make a real statement with some bold, large letters that spell out a festive message “noel”, for example, then get some faux ivory. Place this out behind the letters and then add some fairy lights. This look is, again, very simple but makes a statement and will certainly catch your guests’ attention.

Create your own Santa’s grotto, if you have enough space in your conservatory you can even put a tree up in there.

We hope that our blog has been helpful, and your conservatory is looking like a magical wonderland. If you don’t currently have a conservatory but like the ideas then please get in touch on 01604 945 540 or alternatively head over to our contact page to fill in our online enquiry form.