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Bifold doors

Bifolding door systems allow multiple door panels to slide along a guide rail, when they reach the end of the guide rail the panels fold together. This style of design has a number of benefits for the occupants of the property, for example the sturdiness of the bifold doors prevents the shuddering typically experienced with sliding doors. They’re a great addition to any home as they allow more natural light into the room, increase the market value of a property, and improve the home’s energy efficiency.

Installing our supply only bifold doors system into a residential construction project might sound like a long, drawn-out, and complex process, but with our adaptable and varied range of trade door supplies, and our expert advice, you’ll find installation easier and faster than you thought possible.

Our bifolding door range is designed with a wide variety of colours and finishes to offer something to fit the look of any property – so you’ll find something for any project that you work on.

Supply Only Bifold Doors

Here at Trade Windows Direct, we offer a supply only bifold doors service to our customers who have the skills and know-how to install our products. Our supply only bifold doors keep costs low for you as we allow you to do what you do best and install and finish our bifold doors to your standard. We offer our supply only bifold doors to the whole of the UK, so you get the right components for your project and can complete your project as quickly, efficiently and cost effective as possible all with our bifold doors.

We are committed to cut down in any areas of unnecessary expense and time, that’s why we cut out the additional installation times and fees with our supply only bifold doors, all to make sure our customers are able to increase their profits as much as possible, as quickly as is possible for them.

The low cost of our supply only bifold doors allow our customers to keep costs low for all their clients, passing on the savings. This then gives their customers a lower, more competitive price, which then increases the chance of repeat business.





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How do our supply only bifold doors work?

Our supply only bifold doors are designed to run along a stainless steel roller, which allows the doors to compact and expand with ease. They maximise the use of space and light within the property by allowing more light in through the built-in double-glazed windows.

What glass is installed in bifold doors?

At Trade Windows Direct our supply only bifold doors are engineered with built-in A+ rated double-glazed windows that are incredibly durable, and allow plenty of natural light into the space. These windows offer a range of benefits for tradespeople and homeowners – they’re energy-efficient, saving heating bills during the colder months and cutting down on a home’s carbon footprint, and their premium quality presents a professional finish once the job’s complete.

Are bifold doors energy efficient?

For modern homes, energy efficiency is one of the main concerns. Not only are homeowners increasingly conscious of the effect of too much energy consumption on the environment, but they’re also aware of the impact it has on their electricity bills. Many are prepared to put an initial investment in to ensure lower energy bills in the long run, and this applies to house hunters – they’re often happy to pay more for a home that they know will be more energy efficient.

How secure are bifold doors?

Security is another big concern for homeowners, which means that doors need to be durable and reliable so that residents can sleep soundly at night. Our supply only bifold doors are fitted with a multi-point locking system, which combined with reinforced frames and the integrated double-glazed windows ensures maximum security for any property.


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Whether the project demands a sleek, modern, minimal-profile frame or a thick, traditional frame, at Trade Windows Direct we supply the ideal trade door and conservatory roof supplies for any project throughout the UK.

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