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Conservatory Roofs

Conservatories make a great addition to any home, making use of outdoor space to add an extra living area to a property that lets in loads of light and creates a middle-ground between the garden and the indoors. Previously, the structures didn’t need to comply with building regulations, which means that many old conservatories are now severely out-of-date, and either require new roofs or walls or need rebuilding entirely.

At Trade Windows Direct we know that replacing conservatory roofs can be a big part of the job for any tradesperson, which is why we’re dedicated to offering the finest options available at trade value for installers across the UK. We offer trade conservatory roofs in a variety of different styles, from glass to tiled supply only conservatory roofs, so professionals always have the perfect fit to offer their customers.

Supply Only Conservatory Roofs

At Trade Windows Direct, we offer a supply only conservatory roofs service to our customers who have the knowledge and skills to install our products. Our supply only conservatory roofs keep costs at a low level for you as you will be installing the conservatory roofs to your own standard. We offer our conservatory roofs across the whole of the UK, so you get the right components for your project and can complete your build as quickly, efficiently and cost effective as possible all with our supply only conservatory roofs.

We know some people don’t need the extra help & hand-holding that comes at an extra cost, that is why we decided to release this ‘supply only’ service so you can get on with the job at hand.

The low cost of our supply only conservatory roofs allow our customers to keep costs low for all their clients, passing on the savings our new service gives them. This then gives their customers a lower, more competitive price to help with repeat business.

Conservatory RoofBenefits of Modern Conservatory Roof Upgrading

Conservatory Roof

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

A common job for tradespeople is updating the roof of an old conservatory to a brand new tiled roof system. Here at Trade Windows Direct, we supply these purpose-built supply only conservatory roofs to our customers across the UK.

Our tiled supply only conservatory roofs are created specifically with the trade in mind – they’re engineered to be easy to install, are cost-effective thanks to our trade prices, and are energy-efficient to maintain heat levels within the property. Plus, our tiled trade conservatory roofs are supplied ready-to-assemble with no special treatment required ahead of installation, so it will make your job a lot quicker and your customer will have their beautiful new conservatory ready-to-use in no time.

Our state-of-the-art supply only conservatory roofs system is designed using advanced techniques to ensure durability and longevity, so you’ll have peace-of-mind when installing it for your customer that it will stand the test of time.

Ultraroof380 conservatory roofs

Ultraroof380 is an innovative roofing system that can fit all types and sizes of conservatories. This type of roof is designed to be easy to install, cost-effective and energy efficient. The hybrid system allows the integration of the Ultratile roof with glass panels or Velux windows, creating a sleek finish that matches the rest of the house and keeps the space bright and well lit.

Ultraroof is incredibly thermally-efficient, keeping the conservatory warm during the colder months and cool, yet bright during the summer – it also keeps energy bills down and is lightweight yet strong and durable. The Ultratile slots together easily, making it fast and easy to install whilst still remaining waterproof and sturdy.

Matching the colour of the conservatory roof to the roof of the property is important to make sure it fits in with the style of the rest of the house. We offer Ultratile in the following colours:

  • Carbon grey
  • Harvest brown
  • Terra brick

Conservatory Roof

uPVC glass panel conservatory roof options

A popular choice for conservatories in the UK is a glass roof, this allows more of the limited UK sun and warmth into the conservatory, and makes the space look more open and modern. Many homeowners opt for this type of conservatory roofing as it blends more seamlessly with the walls, creating a look more traditionally associated with conservatories.

Thanks to modern engineering, we’re able to ensure that uPVC conservatory roofs are incredibly energy efficient, giving the occupants more control of the heat and light within the space.


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