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Sliding doors

There are loads of different types of doors that open homes up to the outdoors, including bi-fold doors, swing doors, and French doors. For the clearest view to the garden or courtyard, many contractors recommend installing glass sliding doors. Not only do they allow more natural light to fill the premises, but they also reduce obstruction of the view of the outdoors. It’s for these reasons and more that external sliding doors are increasing in popularity among homeowners.

Here at Trade Windows Direct, we supply trade professionals with high-quality uPVC sliding doors, and aluminium sliding doors that are sought after in most modern homes. Our external trade sliding doors are designed to allow the installer to tailor the equipment specifically to any residential project’s requirements.

In smaller homes, or homes with limited space, making the most of what little space there is is key. Thanks to the compact design of our supply only sliding doors, we’re able to collaborate with tradesmen and women to offer solutions that maximise the available space and make the room appear larger and more open.


Supply Only Sliding Doors

Trade Windows Direct now offer a supply only sliding doors service to our customers who have the skills and know-how to install our products. Our ‘supply only’ service keeps costs low for you as we allow you to do what you do best and install and finish our sliding doors to your standard. We offer our sliding doors to anywhere in the UK, so you get the right components for your project and can complete your project as quickly, efficiently and cost effective as possible all with our supply only sliding doors.

We are committed to cut down in any areas of unnecessary expense and time, that’s why we cut out the additional installation times and fees with our supply only sliding doors, all to make sure our customers are able to increase their profits as much as possible, as quickly as is possible for them.

The low costs of our supply only sliding doors allow our customers to keep costs low for all their clients, passing on the savings our supply only sliding doors give. This then gives their customers a lower, more competitive price which then increases the chance of repeat business.

Sliding doorsSliding door being closed by child

Sliding doors

uPVC sliding doors

Trade Windows Direct offer the highest quality uPVC supply only sliding doors at trade value – our range is available in a variety of different finishes to complement any home’s interior and exterior. Whether the homeowners desire something traditional or are looking for a more contemporary-style door, you can offer them something from our wide spectrum of styles and finishes on trade sliding doors.

uPVC is a popular choice of material for doors and windows because it requires very little maintenance, and is incredibly long-lasting as it won’t suffer from rot or weather damage like other types of material. It’s also energy-efficient, easy to install and cost-effective.

Our uPVC sliding doors run along a stainless steel strip, which allows the doors to effortlessly glide past one another. The sliding door systems in our range are designed to be easily adaptable as they can be configured to the size and space of any project.

Aluminium sliding doors

For a more modern, sleek look, homeowners may prefer an aluminium sliding door. These doors are built using an aluminium frame, which runs along a stainless steel runner, allowing the doors to slide past each over in either direction – so the door can be opened from either side.

The design of the aluminium sliding door allows a thinner frame design than it’s uPVC counterpart – providing a less obstructive and more stylish appearance. The sliding doors feature double-glazed windows, which provide increased energy-efficiency and an added layer of security to the sliding door system.

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Quality double-glazed windows

The double-glazed windows that we integrate into all of our supply only sliding doors are designed for optimum thermal performance, ensuring the highest energy-efficiency possible within the property – keeping energy bills down and making the home more comfortable.


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Whether the project demands a sleek, modern, minimal-profile frame or a thick, traditional frame, at Trade Windows Direct we supply the ideal trade door and conservatory roof supplies for any project throughout the UK.

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